Sunday, September 4, 2016

Legalize Your Business With Christina Scalera

If you are among the creatives who love what they do but hate the business side of things, let Christina Scalera help you. Her mission is to help creatives like you fulfill your life’s work by setting up beautiful businesses from the inside out.

About Christina Scalera

Christina’s main goal is to provide valuable legal information for free, provide solutions for each budget to help all creative ladies, no matter what business you are in and to always approach your concerns from a place of understanding and love.

Before putting up her own business, Christina had a legal job at a corporation and believed the lie that she was not creative. She then realized that she is not your normal lawyer. She was a quirky girl in law school. Well, once a quirk, always a quirk.

Before, she was in charge of awful things like drafting cease and desist letters to moms selling things, registering trademarks and researching ways around patent infringement. Other things she does include model releases and writing licensing agreements.

When she finally decided to quit her job and start her own company, she had no idea what she must do or where to begin. First, she started a private yoga teaching service. She hired the biggest designer she could find to market her business. But it was not fruitful. Then, she started blogging – Carte Blanche as a blog was born. Through this, she learned how to market online, design graphics, write well, take great photos, and even how to make her own website.

Being a creative, she met plenty of creatives virtually and at different conferences. She could not help but notice that at each gathering, someone will speak about a legal problem. And as the woes piled up, she revealed that she is an attorney and proceed to assist them. Later on, she realized that she is not an armchair lawyer anymore; she needs to get up and get out here. Indeed, she found her calling.


This page shows the different contract templates businesses today might need. These include the following:

  • Styled Shoot Contract Template
  • Wedding or Event Planner Client Contract Template
  • Wedding Photography Contract
  • Called to Create Workbook
  • Graphic Design Contract Template
  • Payment Demand Letter Template
  • Brand Consulting Contract Template
  • Floral Design/Styling Contract Template
  • Collaboration Contract Template for Collaborations and Joint Ventures
  • Stock Photo or Commercial Photography Contract Template for Businesses
  • Videography Contract Template for Videographers
  • Equine Photography Template for Equine Photographers
  • Custom Stationery or Calligraphy Contract
  • Portrait Photography Contract Template
  • Furniture and Prop Rental for Events and Weddings Contract Template
  • Terms & Conditions + Privacy Policy for Your Website

Mentoring Program

If you feel stuck and are not sure of what the next move in your business must be, this is perfect for you. Remember though that this is not coaching, but it will be intentional. Results are sure to be steady and meaningful.

Some of the things she and her clients have accomplished in the past 6 months include turning a service into digital products that sell even while you are sleeping, becoming the #1 photographer on Google in a local area, starting a podcast that will end up in new + noteworthy on iTunes, and presenting a webinar to 1700+ attendees.

No matter what legal or business issues you might have at this moment, contact Christina Scalera or visit  

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