Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Flow Consulting – The Specialists In Terms Of Mergers And Acquisition

There are plenty of transactions involved in mergers and acquisition. It is a wise idea to work with professionals specializing in these kinds of transactions. Flow Consulting can be your best partner.

About Flow Consulting

The idea of Flow Consulting started when a team of lean manufacturing consultants were hired in 1992 by Reese Bourgeois in order to support the key suppliers for General Electric’s Power Generation Business. It was in 1998 that the core of the original GE team decided to operate on its own – hence, Flow Consulting was born.

At present, 3 original members from that group of consultants are still working with Flow Consulting. They continue to drive LeanSigma operational improvement. The team now has over 15 professional consultants with years of practical executive and managerial business experience.

Apart from covering the U.S., Flow Consulting expanded operations into Europe with key resources in France, Amsterdam, and London. Also, there are key additions to the team – these include members with deep expertise in Strategic Sourcing, Logistics and Supplier Management, and others with solid backgrounds in Business Effectiveness using LeanSigma tools.

Flow Consulting continues to lend its expertise to various businesses, from goods manufacturing, to service process, and to those specializing in the acquisition and integration of companies.


Acquisition And Integration – There are 2 crucial stages in the successful ownership of a potential acquisition. First is assessing if the targeted acquisition is a correct fit for the acquiring party. The company’s intent can be to begin with a platform acquisition or perhaps an add-on to a current platform company. Flow Consulting highly suggests that you begin by developing an investment thesis that considers your overall company’s strategy. Second is the successful integration of a company add-on to a current platform.

LeanSigma Transformation – These include large scale strategy, planning, deployment and measurement of business and manufacturing process transformation, using Lean, Six Sigma and Organization Development methodologies in concert.

Leadership Development – Flow Consulting is known for utilizing their deep LeanSigma capability to help their clients in achieving their operations and leadership goals with focus and speed. In terms of training, the key separator for Flow Consulting is that they only perform training within the context of the business being trained in Lean Six Sigma. This means using the tools that you’re being trained in. They say that efficient training happens if the tools are reinforced through actual usage and you can see some actual results being achieved.

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