Sunday, October 9, 2016

Robert Murray - One Of The Top Recruitment Agencies In Dubai Today

The recruitment process is very challenging. When it is not done properly, this can lead to costly mistakes. Of course, you do not want this to happen. So it would be a good idea for you to work with the best recruitment agencies. In Dubai, Robert Murray is among the high recommended professionals.

About Robert Murray

Robert Murray is an internationally renowned company. They have established themselves as a significant presence in the industry, which is actually a huge factor in helping them grow as among the leading agencies in Dubai. They can connect you with the top brass of multinational companies, wherever they might be at. They came up with a comprehensive world-wide recruitment network, with facilities in various regions around the globe. They can also do contract hiring responsibility for corporate purposes.

With their expertise, resources, and experience in the field, they are very qualified to help government and semi-government agencies in terms of finding the mist suitable candidates for employment. Apart from helping with the recruitment process, they can also handle payroll responsibility for multinational companies. Indeed, their diverse portfolio of services allows them to supplement corporations with ample back-end support in order to help smoothen as well as expedite operations.

Services They Offer

Contract Hiring – They provide engineering, technical and exhibition staff on contract basis for peak overload. They fully understand that contract hiring will address project hiring needs, manpower peaks, and business cycles. Through their contract hiring services, they give their clients the flexibility and convenience to hire the type of talent they want if they need, both for long term and short term job profiles.

Trainings – They provide customized trainings about the evolving technologies and governance tips. They provide business training in the fields of situational leadership, personal development, and basics of Information Technology.

Emiratization – This is a government initiative in the UAE wherein the citizens are employed in public and private sectors with the help of a well-organized process. But public sectors of UAE countries such as Dubai are lagging behind with citizens representing only 0.34% of private sector force. Robert Murray has in-depth recruitment experience in the UAE and their Emiratization consultants have experience and skills in searching for roles for UAE nationals. They advise their clients on recruitment strategies and offer assistance on engaging nationals in private sectors.

Why Choose Them

  • Save Time – They fully understand the time-bound nature of the process. Hence, they have established a comprehensive network that expedites the talent search process.
  • Get The Most Suitable Candidate – They will help you prevent the recruitment of unqualified professionals and establish strong employee retention.
  • Strict Screening – They dedicate their resources to the intensive task of finding the most suitable professionals when it comes to technical expertise and experience. They can screen all the candidates based on their qualification for the job, taking into account industry experience, technical competence, and salary expectations.
  • Fast Hiring Process – They make the hiring process easier for your company in the long run, most especially in terms of sourcing talent for key positions in the company. They can build a recruitment profile for your company based on the recruitment preferences. With such, the search for professionals will be made more efficient and simpler.

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