Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Get Australian Designed Hardware Products At Sandleford

There are several ways for improving your property nowadays. Of course, you can boost how your lawn and landscape appear. But apart from that, you can also integrate a couple of hardware products like letterbox, numerals and safety signs. Also, you can enhance your home’s interior design by investing in reliable wardrobe and towel rails. Most importantly, you can ensure the health and safety of your family and valuable things by having first aid boxes and safety safes in place. Among the best providers of Australian designed hardware products for your home today is Sandleford.

About Sandleford

Sandleford was founded in 1995 by Richard and Sue. They actually started with just one letterbox. In 2001, they began to supply New Zealand. 2 years after, they introduced a range of security products.

In 2005, they introduced swing slide climb playset. As for the ultimate storage product range, it was introduced in 2009. Numerals and sign range were introduced 2 years after. Other product ranges were likewise introduced in 2015. 3300 products were introduced and they have now more than 13 brands.

This year, Sandleford was launched in United Kingdom and United States. Also, they are considered the largest Letterbox supplier offering the widest range of Letterboxes and Accessories in line with the ever-changing trends in Australia.

For over 21 years, Sandleford has managed to maintain strong relationships with its suppliers and customers. Its on-going success and growth is also because of the expansion into many different exciting product ranges.

Product It Offers

Letterboxes – They offer fence mounted, post mounted, wall mounted, freestanding, letterbox post, and brick in letterboxes.

Numerals – They offer solar numbers, stick-on and screw-on numerals, stencil kits, and A4 cinema light box.

Security – To ensure the safety of your valuables, you can get a security safe, gun safe, key storage, cash box or other security storage items from Sandleford.

Signs – They offer braille signs, site safety signs, reflective, custom signs, flyer holder, and signs for your home, office or workplace. With these signs, proper location can easily be determined and safety can be ensured.

Jerry Can – This category includes metal Jerry can, Jerry can accessories and funnels.

Apart from these, Sandleford also offers first aid boxes and wardrobe & towel rails.

Customer Service

Excellent customer service, apart from reliable product ranges, is indeed among the main reasons for property owners to trust Sandleford. They can provide you with the right manuals, and warranty information. They can also help you deal with lost keys and spare part enquiries.

In case you cannot find a solution to your problem in their Customer Service page, do not hesitate to get in touch with them. For more info, check them out at

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