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1762 – The Gourmet Deli Co.: A Complete Website For All Your Catering And Dining Needs

Leading restaurant and catering company in the UAE
Whether you are in Dubai for short stay or a long one due to work or business, you will certainly find no lack of the best food here. Restaurants, fast food chains, cafés, and delis abound here. You will certainly enjoy the variety of options here.

But even if there are various establishments to choose from in Dubai, it is essential to opt for one that offers the best dining experience and value for your menu. It would also work to your advantage if they offer other services such as delivery and catering in case you can’t leave the office or your home to eat out or for special occasions. 

If you’re on the lookout for such a dining establishment, check out 1762 – The Gourmet Deli Co.

well-known dining establishment and catering company in the UAE

About 1762 – The Gourmet Deli Co.

1762 – The Gourmet Deli Co. was inspired from the year when the first sandwich was invented by John Montague. This dining and catering company is a member of Appetite, a well-known catering company in the UAE.

Appetite started its operations in 2005. It was founded by some Dubai-based foodies who had the big dream of catering to other food lovers in the UAE. The company began as a two-man operation but soon grew and now, Appetite has more than 100 employees.

1762 now has 3 shops: one in DIFC, another at The Galleries, and the other in the Media City.

established restaurant and catering company in the UAE

Dining And Catering Choices

The dine-in, take-away, and delivery menu of 1762 include

• Sandwiches, bagels, wraps, and paninis
• Pies and quiches
• Canapes
• Salads
• Breakfast and lunch meals
• Sweets and/or desserts
• Coffee and tea
• Homemade iced teas,  fresh fruit juices, and smoothies

Their catering options include:

• Buffet
• Canapés
• Afternoon tea
• Gourmet platters
• Bowl and fork menu
• Beverages

reputable restaurant and catering company in the UAE

1762’s Blog

1762 will certainly be able to satisfy any foodie out there. Their blog site will definitely do so, too.

Their blog is home to different food and catering-related articles. Some of their most read, informative, and interesting posts include:

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You can start reading all these posts by clicking here.

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