Saturday, November 5, 2016

Light And Medium Weight Wheeled Military Vehicles From NIMR

When it comes to finding solutions for your defence needs, military vehicles prove to be very beneficial. One of the leading manufacturers today is NIMR.

About NIMR

NIMR is a major manufacturer of both light and medium weight wheeled military vehicles today. They are based in the United Arab Emirates. NIMR vehicles are in service with Armed Forces throughout the MENA regions. Moreover, they have a reputation for ruggedness, performance and versatility. With their complete modern production facilities and in-house design capability, they provide a total solution to meet various defence needs.

The vehicles NIMR offers can provide the tactical mobility necessary to meet a wide range of operational requirements on the modern battlefield. Also, they are based on a modular, unique 4x4 and 6x6 chassis and driveline. NIMR provides logistic, utility and command variants as well as protected patrol vehicles, each having a diverse range of protection options.

The vehicle platform of NIMR is perfect for various mission systems. Integration via vehicle electronic architecture will allow for different systems to be mounted – from ISTAR and C4I capabilities to complicated weapon fits. Such versatility in this platform allows NIMR to deliver the capability necessary for any scenario.

The Engineering Team of NIMR brings an in-depth military vehicle experience to the design of all its vehicles, utilizing the latest materials as well as subsystems to get the best performance and meet the demands of their customers.

NIMR continues to enhance its range of vehicles, establishing on the experience of the current fleet, and integrating it with comprehensive trials and testing in the most challenging environments. Integrated Logistic Support makes sure that the NIMR vehicles continue to perform in service. Most importantly, NIMR prides itself on continuously delivering high quality military vehicles to its clients with their excellent engineering excellence, modern production facilities, and latest techniques.

Products They Offer

AJBAN Class – These 4x4 vehicles provide a multipurpose platform for all military requirements at 9,000 kg capacity. All of these vehicles can be protected. In fact, specific protected models are included for crew survivability with fully certified and tested cabins.

HAFEET Class – These 6x6 vehicles can meet all military requirements at 13,000 kg capacity. The universal 6x6 chassis is used for a common logistic footprint for the user to reduce the burden of maintenance, training, and spare parts management.

N35 Class – This class comes in 4x4 and 6x6 versions. These multi-purpose vehicles bring together 4 decades of experience in protected mobility. It offers tactical mobility and real survivability in a rare balance. Because of its cross-over nature, this vehicle class makes it an ideal choice for deployment in the unpredictable and volatile modern day theatre.

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