Sunday, December 11, 2016

Importing German Cars The Stress-Free Way With TS EXPORT

trusted importing company of luxury and sports cars from Japan
Mercedes. BMW. Porsche. Audi. Volkswagon. These are just some of the biggest names in terms of German automobiles. These brands sell thousands of different vehicle models every year across different parts of the world.

Reasons To Own A German Car

Although other countries have their own automotive brands, German cars are indeed forces to be reckoned with. Below are some of the top reasons why German cars are really popular among automobile enthusiasts:

• They lead in brand recognition.

• German automotive brands represent quality and luxury.

• Their vehicles are always leaders in terms of automotive technology.

• German cars are steeped in history.

• German automotive marketers give what people want.

Buying A German Car

Buying a car from a German brand definitely comes with several perks. However, they do have one downside: a hefty price tag.

If you want to own a German car but you are not ready to spend a fortune on one, there is a more cost-efficient way of getting one: importing your choice of vehicle from Japan. With the help of importing company, you can get help from start to finish in the whole process of shopping for, buying, and having the car exported to your home country.


TS EXPORT is your one stop shop for all your importing needs from Japan. The company has been in the business of import and export for more than 30 years now. They are one of the most trusted names in the import and export industry and have worked with hundreds of organisations and individuals across the globe that needed their services.

The company is fully-licensed and is Japanese-government approved. They are independently verified and monitored. They also have a one-page system that allows interested buyers to peruse the latest listings of German cars from different databases. You will also get assistance from their expert team every step of the buying and importing process.

Importing German Cars From Japan
TS EXPORT’s German cars are available from auctions, dealers, wholesalers, and directly from end users throughout Japan. You can choose from new, used, salvaged, or restored grades cars and they also come in either right hand drive or left hand.

Below are the brands of German cars you will be able to see on TS EXPORT’s website:

• Audi

• Porsche

• Volkswagon


• Mercedes

• Maybach

• European Ford

• Opel

• Smart

Start viewing the latest listings of German cars available for import on the website of TS EXPORT.

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