Thursday, January 26, 2017

Plate.La – A Website For Buying & Selling License Plates And Mobile Numbers

License plates may be considered by some owners as a strip of metal or a requirement that is imposed by authorities. But if you are in the United Arab Emirates, this is considered an investment platform. If you are interested to join an auction, know that you will be given a certificate of ownership. Such certificate can be used by the owner or transferred to somebody else. Over the years, the number of auction participants is becoming higher because they see number plates as collectible and as a great opportunity for profit.

Plate numbers for Abu Dhabi residents are considered a great source of pride, a luxury good, and a status symbol. Be reminded though that not all license plates in the country are created equal. If you are an investor, you might want to get your license plate from the capital of Abu Dhabi. Based on locals, capital plates have a higher price due to the fact that Abu Dhabi is associated with plenty of concepts like money, nationalism, the government and power.

About is considered the biggest website for selling and buying license plates and mobile numbers. They offer the easiest way to buy and sell not only license plates but mobile numbers as well. As of the present, they sold 205,000 license plates and mobile numbers already. gives assurance that their team of DU phone number and Dubai license plate experts offer you with the best license plate and mobile numbers for your car and mobile devices. Also, you can have your numbers customized. If not, you can just browse through their wide range of premade license and mobile number options.

Services They Offer

License Plates – They sell and buy UAE and Dubai license plates. You certainly need a Dubai license plate number so you can drive your car and make people know that your auto is officially registered. But you can just get plates through accredited license plate manufacturers like After all, they are the biggest license plate and DU phone number manufacturing company in the industry nowadays.

Mobile Numbers – They sell and buy Etisalat and Du numbers. Give your mobile devices customized numbers of their own with their mobile numbers for sale services. You can actually have your number customized so you can easily remember it. Also, you can use these numbers to add branding to your contact information. For instance, you can spell out the name of your company so you can further fortify brand recall among your clients.

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