Tuesday, January 24, 2017

A Review On Mackenzie Jones

When it comes to business opportunities and job vacancies, the UAE is still among leading countries where a lot of people go to. People who are looking for great job opportunities choose the UAE as the country offers a lot of options. However, landing a job that you want is not that easy as there are also a lot of other applicants wanting the same position you applied for. Going through the process of landing the job you are aiming for is indeed challenging. And so, seeking help from those who are experts in recruitment and job seeking is a huge advantage.

About Mackenzie Jones

Mackenzie Jones is among those companies trusted and known for their services t help people find the right job for them. This company is founded in the UK but they just started in the UAE in 2006. Mackenzie Jones is one of the first recruitment consultancies to have an on-the-ground presence in the MENA region.  They have an office in Dubai as well.

Mackenzie Jones’ top-notch services and solutions make them popular among both jobseekers and companies looking for great people to fill in their job vacancies. Mackenzie Jones finds the right talents for the right job position. They help individuals find the right companies as well, thus enabling them to transform their careers and live doing the things they want.

The company is headed by David Mackenzie. He is the company’s Managing Director and Head of HR. Mackenzie Jones now has offices in Abu Dhabi and in Dubai.

What Mackenzie Jones Has To Offer

Mackenzie Jones provides recruitment consulting services for different industry sectors. Check out the following:

- Banking and Financial Services
- Digital
- Fashion, Retail, and Hospitality
- Finance and Accounting
- Human Resources
- Legal
- Marketing
- Sales
- Secretarial and Business Support
- Special Projects
- Strategy, Change, and Consulting
- Tax

Mackenzie Jones boasts itself in being honest and transparent, hence, more and more people are getting their services. They also pride themselves of unparalleled customer service.

Contacting Mackenzie Jones

Contacting Mackenzie Jones is now made easy with their website. You can check all information that you want about the company and can even use their contact form for your questions and inquiries.

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