Sunday, February 12, 2017

Bulletproof.Com – Teaching You How to Upgrade Your Life The Bulletproof Way

As you age, you notice your energy levels start to go down, your body begins to accumulate more fats and you start to feel heavy, and then you tend to have difficulty remembering things. Do you wish you could improve your energy, think faster, and live better? Do you ever dream of being more resilient and powerful even when you get older each year?
The Bulletproof Blog
With the sedentary lifestyle that has become the trend of most people these days, has finally found effective solutions to upgrading modern people’s lives. Whether you are young or old, having a sedentary or fast-paced lifestyle, active or inactive, their website will show you how you can make your mind and body work together at their best. Their Blog Page will give you bountiful articles about supercharging your body and upgrading your brain the Bulletproof way. Uses and details about essential nutrients and body supplements are clearly explained through their articles. To make your very own Bulletproof coffee, you can simply follow 5 simple steps illustrated on their page.

The Bulletproof Store

From your favorite coffee and chocolates to every important elements your body needs such as fats, proteins, and other nutrients, their store has got everything covered.
They offer whole bean coffee to start your day right. They also have Octane oil and XCT oil for fuel and charging your body for the whole day’s activities. For building your body and staying fit, they have grass-fed proteins. To complete performance, they also offer key nutrient supplements such as Iodine for metabolism and boosting the immune system, L-Tyrosine for cognition and stress, Calcium-D Glucarate for detox, Methyl Folate for heart and neurons, and Methyl B-12 for brain and nerves. Their most recent creation is the Glutathione Force which is considered as master antioxidants.

The Bulletproof Diet Roadmap
The best thing about their diet plan is its flexibility. The Bulletproof diet roadmap is not just easy to follow. It is applicable whether you want to gain muscles or lose weight or just stay fit.
With this diet roadmap, you won’t need to count calories each time you eat. You just have to follow the three diet zones – the green, the yellow and the red zones. In the green zone, you can eat as much as you want. The yellow zone indicates limited consumption while the red zone includes the food you should avoid.  You’ll also learn the right time to eat, the right food and beverages to include, and the right amount of food to eat.
The Bulletproof Cookbook
This includes more than a hundred recipes of interesting, delicious meals that supercharge your body, increase your energy, maintain weight loss, and end food cravings for good. This book is authored by Dave Asprey who also uses such recipes for maintaining his weight and sustaining his limitless energy.

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