Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Infinity Staffing – The Best Provider Of Staffing Options To Clients From Different Industries

Job seekers agree that it is difficult to find the job they want. On the other hand, businesses say that it is hard to find the most suitable employee for the vacant position they have in their organization. Infinity Staffing can be of great help.

About Infinity Staffing

Infinity Staffing’s employment agency is local in the South Bay Area with plenty of employees ready to work. Their competitive outsourcing services have been proven to be a long-term and cost efficient alternative for hundreds of businesses. They offer a wide variety of staffing options for their clients to choose from. They actually offer a free consultation.

Infinity Staffing Services

Staffing Solutions For Employers – They have a number of employees ready to work. They offer various staffing solutions for employers who are looking for direct hire and temporary assignments. Since they have assisted in the Human Resources field, they fully understand how much time it often takes to find the right employee. Money and time are invested in recruiting as well as advertising, checking references, going through the application and interview process and choosing an employee for your position. They will make it very easy for you by outsourcing all that work. They staff employees with different skills. Let them manage all service pricing that covers all overhead with their employees including payroll taxes, local, state and federal legal requirements. They will be responsible for all government reporting. Know that they can also create a custom staffing solution to fit the needs of your company.

Staffing Industries For Employers – They provide office personnel to fill in for vacationing or sick workers to a wide variety of major staffing industries. They manage a full range of human resource services to each type of business and employer by offering temporary help services and employment placement services to different industries including Packaging, Food Manufacturing, Janitorial, Warehousing, Professional Services, Landscaping, Electronics Manufacturing, Light Industrial, Construction, Mid-Level Clerical or Data Entry, and Seasonal Food Manufacturing.

Training Plan For Employers – They take pride in paying attention to safety and work performance. They have learned that the safety of their clients and employees is a very crucial element that has a direct impact to the overall success of their staffing services. They actually have a full time safety coordinator for any concerns and training needed. Furthermore, Infinity Staffing can customize a safety program making sure that all your employees are working in a safe environment. They will evaluate your workplace to make sure that all safety standards are met. Some of the training programs they offer will include Respirator Training, Bloodborne Pathogens, Heat Exhaustion, Tailgate Meetings, First Aid/CPR, General Safety Training GMP, MSDS Training, PPE Training, Ergonomics, Slips and Falls, and Proper Lifting Techniques.

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