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GT Roofing And Restoration: The Leading Roof Repair And Restoration Experts In Adelaide

Leading Roofing Experts in Adelaide
The roof on a house serves as its protection and provides defence to its inhabitants and their possessions from outside weather elements and other living things such as animals and pests. It is one of the most important parts of the house and one that should be constructed or placed properly and made with high-quality materials.

Over time, roofing materials have evolved to meet new, pressing requirements that come every now and then. New materials such as copper, PVC, polycarbonate and polyester, are now also used for and as roofs which years ago, may have been unheard of or surprising. Roof sheeting was also discovered and proven to be a great protection against harmful natural elements and other accidental or intentional damages. The sheets, as a cover or as the stand-alone roof, would make the roof more durable and have a longer life span. It also does not require regular maintenance needs. In addition to helping the roof stay longer and stronger against outside harsh elements, certain roof sheeting materials are known to be good insulation against heat and cold.
Trusted Roofing Experts in Adelaide

Restoring Your Roof

Unfortunately, there will come a time when your roof will require some repairs or restorations. Leaks, moulds, and flapping of the roofing sheets are the usual signs that indicate your roof is not at its best quality. Other signs include pools of standing water on the attic, tears or bubbles in the roof cover, wet insulation, cracking seams and gaps in flashing.

If you observe these signs, you don’t have to go for a total roof replacement immediately. You can consider roof restoration and repairs.

You can get help with making the right choice of having your current roof repaired, restored, or replaced by roofing experts. If you are in Adelaide, you can consult the roofing specialists of GT Roofing and Guttering.

GT Roofing and Guttering is a 100% proudly Australian owned and operated business. This company was founded 5 years ago by owner and manager, George Tselekidis. The team of GT Roofing and Guttering are fully trained and qualified that also possess an extensive knowledge of the roofing industry. The company is dedicated and passionate in providing all their customers with the highest quality of workmanship combined with the best roofing products at the most competitive prices.
Reliable Roofing Experts in Adelaide


GT Roofing and Guttering offers a variety of roofing services, most notably the following:

• Roof replacement

• Re-roofing

• Roof restorations

• Roof repairs

• Commercial roofing

• Roof extensions

• Gutter repairs and cleaning

• Colorbond roofing

You can get more details about these services on their website.

Reasons To Choose GT Roofing and Guttering

The team of GT Roofing and Guttering take great pride in any work they undertake. All their tradespeople and roof plumbers are qualified, the best in the industry, and are always reliable and on time; their professionalism is unmatched indeed.

All the services the company offers are compliant with the relevant Occupational Health and Safety standards. GT Roofing and Guttering is also covered by Public Liability Insurance.

Lastly, with their head George being involved in all aspects of the business, you get assurance that all their work are carried out to the highest standard and will always satisfy and even exceed your requirements.

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