Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The School Of Natural Therapies’ Career-Building CPD And Short Courses

trusted provider of holistic and massage therapy courses
In the field of natural and holistic healthcare, continuous education and training is important. This is because this particular industry keeps on evolving; new trends and innovations constantly come up. For professionals in this field, acquiring all these new knowledge and gaining the relevant skills is therefore crucial.

The right training institution offers a variety of natural and holistic therapy courses that will enable professionals to refresh and update their stock knowledge and proficiencies. With their programmes, practitioners will have a choice of taking up a short or long relevant course. 

leading provider of holistic and massage therapy courses

The School Of Natural Therapies

The School of Natural Therapies has been specializing in teaching massage and holistic therapies for over 27 years now. Their primary goal is to develop the students’ passion and love for massage and holistic therapies.

They have a team of the most qualified, experienced, and well-trained tutors that are very professional yet helpful to all students. Aside from providing students key knowledge and skills, SNT aids them in starting and bolstering their careers.

SNT is also known for its flexibility in their schedule of classes to accommodate busy professionals. In addition, they have two campuses or study venues which students can choose from: North Clapham and Portreath, Cornwall.

SNT is headed by its esteemed principal, Marc Innes.

reputable provider of holistic and massage therapy courses

CPD And Short Courses

SNT offers different CPD and short courses. These include:

Advanced Deep Tissue Massage – For students that already have basic knowledge and proficiency or previous training in Deep Tissue massage, this course will enable them to broaden their skills and increase their level of expertise.

Chair Massage Plus -  Massage therapists who want to offer a stress relief and muscle dysfunction chair massage and much more, you can consider taking this two-day course to take your skills, repertoire and massage business to new heights.

Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) Level 2 – This is a one day course that can give peace of mind to employers and employees that there is a person qualified and one who knows how to provide first aid during accidents and emergency situations.

Kinesio Taping course – Under this workshop, students will gain knowledge about common injuries and muscle groups and enable them to gain a proven, accredited taping skill which they can use for the benefits of their clients.

Massage in Pregnancy
– If you want your clientele to include expecting mums, this course will help you specialise in providing relief to them with massage therapy.

Massaging People with Dementia – Lastly, this course can help healthcare professionals provide relief and relaxation to people or their clients suffering from dementia.

Get more details about these courses on SNT’s website.

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