Thursday, March 2, 2017

Kershaw Landscape & Design: Providing Year-Round Quality Lawn Care And Landscaping Services

Trusted Lawn Care & Landscaping Company In Oklahoma
Residential and commercial property owners will enjoy various benefits when they have a landscaped lawn. For one, families, tenants, and guests will have an abundance of additional functional and appealing space for all sorts of activities such as picnics, outdoor reading, games, and so much more.

In addition, if you have a landscaped lawn, your property will be somewhat cooler than the other areas. This is because any place where there are lots of trees typically enjoys lower temperatures. This is particularly helpful during the summer when the outdoors can remain a safe place for everybody to enjoy despite the heat because the trees can provide shade and moisture in the air.

Lastly, with a clean, well-maintained landscaped lawn, residents and guests can develop a better understanding and concern for the environment since a beautiful environment is known to modify or elevate behaviors.

Leading Lawn Care & Landscaping Company In Oklahoma

Investing In The Services Of Landscaping And Lawn Care Contractors

Today, you can have perfect outdoor space suitable for various purposes when you get help from professional lawn care and landscaping contractors. In Oklahoma, one of these trusted companies is Kershaw Landscape & Design.

Kershaw Landscape & Design LLC is a family owned landscape design and maintenance and lawn care company providing their services to the greater Oklahoma City community. The company was founded by the owner and current head, Robert Kershaw.

The company specializes in year round full service maintenance of residential and commercial landscapes. Since their establishment, Kershaw Landscape & Design stays true to its mission of transforming a landscape to something both pleasing to the eye and useful in purpose through quality workmanship, materials, and equipment.

Reliable Lawn Care & Landscaping Company In Oklahoma

Offered Services

Kershaw Landscape & Design offers a variety of lawn care and landscaping services and solutions. These are:

Landscaping Services

Grounds Maintenance

These include:

• Lawn Maintenance
• Seasonal Clean Up
• Lawn Aeration
• Dethatching
• Mulch Installation
• Leaf Removal
• Seasonal Color
• Shrub Care
• Tree Work
• Gardens
• Storm Recovery and Clean Up

Landscape Improvement

• Design and Installation
• Removals
• Sod and Seeding
• Lawn Leveling, Grading, and Top Dressing
• Fence Installation and Repair
• Christmas Lights Installation And Removal

Irrigation & Drainage

These cover the following:

• Irrigation System Installation and Repairs
• Drainage System Installation and Repairs

Hardscape Creations

These include installation of the following:

• Stone Patios
• Stone Walkways
• Paver Patios
• Paver Walkways
• Brick Patios
• Brick Walkways
• Retaining Walls

Why Invest In The Services Of Kershaw Landscape & Design

Kershaw Landscape & Design provides the valuable guarantee of 100% Client Satisfaction. They are committed to providing only the best quality of services and if a customer is not satisfied, they will work on resolving the issue or give your money back.

In addition, all the team members of Kershaw Landscape & Design are reliable and professional. They consistently uphold excellence in customer service while being truthful and upfront in all communications at the same time.

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