Sunday, March 26, 2017

NIMR Automotive – Delivering The Highest Quality Vehicles That Ensures Protection And Security While On Transit

NIMR is leading manufacturer of wheeled military vehicles in the Middle East and North Africa region nowadays. NIMR vehicles are providing the tactical mobility necessary to meet a wide range of operational requirement on the modern battlefield. Also, NIMR offers logistics, command and utility variants as well as patrol vehicles with a selection of protection options.

NIMR’s History

In 2000, the first NIMR vehicle design is announced by a joint venture of UAE and regional investors. The concept is to come up with a multipurpose vehicle intended to replace the current 4x4 light tactical vehicles. A year after, a prototype vehicle was first displayed at the International Defence Exhibition and Conference (IDEX) 2001. On the same year, a dedicated production facility was also established at Duleil, Jordan.

In 2002, 2 prototype trial vehicles were produced and tested. 3 years after, a 6x6 variant was first displayed at IDEX 2005.

In 2010, 60% stake in NIMR was acquired by Tawazin Holdings. In 2011, construction started on a new factory in the Tawazun Industrial Park in Abu Dhabi. A metal fabrication plant was also established. In 2015, the ownership of NIMR was transferred from Tawazun to EDIC.


Special Forces – NIMR offers the AJBAN LR-SOV and RIV. The AJBAN LR-SOV is an open-top 4x4 long-range reconnaissance vehicle that can access all terrains. This can also be transported by a helicopter and be fitted with blast and ballistic protection. The NIMR RIV (Rapid Intervention Vehicle), on the other hand, is a light yet powerful 4x4 vehicle for a high-speed response to tactical situations in remote areas. It can be transported by helicopter insertion or fast ground transit.

Logistics – This class of vehicles provides a number of dedicated vehicles meant to meet military standards, with their lifespan exceeding that of militarised commercial vehicles. It includes the AJBAN 450, which is a 4x4 vehicle equipped with a 4-man station wagon cabin in multiple configurations. It also includes the HAFEET 620, which is a 6x6 vehicle designed to provide critical logistics and utility support to deployment missions.

Internal Security – The AJBAN ISV can deploy 10 crew members to intervene during internal security situations. Also, it can be fitted with different non-lethal crowd control systems and mission equipment. It features roof hatches, a hardened cabin equipped with gun ports, and an integrated camera-based situational awareness programme.

Multi-Role – The JAIS range of vehicles provides the ideal balance between survivability, firepower, and mobility for asymmetric and conventional operations. It can be deployed as an infantry fighting vehicle.

Tactical Mobility – This class of vehicles can meet the most demanding military duty-cycle requirements in extreme environments. It includes the AJBAN 420 and 440 ranges, which can be configured in order to suit different operational roles.

Specialised – The AJBAN VIP vehicle can be customized to meet the most discerning of customers and the highest standards. It is designed with discrete ballistic and blast protection. During convoy movements, it can seamlessly blend with support vehicles. This class of vehicles also includes the HAFEET Ambulance, which is designed to provide trauma medical care for the wounded. It can be equipped with different medical equipment.

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