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Soumar Masonry Restoration: Chicago’s Trusted Provider Of Excellent Masonry Repair And Restoration Services

Leading provider of masonry restoration and repair services

Most of the old and heritage houses and buildings in Chicago are made of bricks. This is because in the old times, bricks (which were made of clay) were abundant or if needed to be bought, were very affordable. The production of bricks before was not also a very complex task and they were always available products. Bricks were also popular building materials because they are resilient and tough and can endure varying and extreme weather conditions and temperatures. Buildings and houses made up of bricks also do not suffer normal structural problems such as termite infestations, erosions, and loss of paint colors. They also do not need elaborate and consistent maintenance services.

However, bricks are not the most “perfect” building materials. Over the years, establishments and houses made of bricks also undergo regular wear and tear. Cracks and discoloration will appear in brick and mortar structures. These are usually caused by water outflow or seepage and the presence of saline properties in the air and water surrounding the structure. As a result, the brick building will look old and unattractive and if these structural problems are not repaired immediately, they can cause further deterioration of the infrastructure.
trusted provider of masonry restoration and repair services

Repairing And Restoring Deteriorating Brick And Stone Buildings

Property owners in Chicago who happen to have problems with disintegrating bricks, deteriorating mortar, efflorescence or any other masonry concerns can get help with the necessary restoration services and repairs from Soumar Masonry Restoration.

Soumar Masonry Restoration, Inc. was founded by Peter Soumar Sr. in 1938. Since then, the company has been providing excellent services for the exterior maintenance, repair, and cleaning requirements of commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential buildings in Chicago and nearby areas.

The company is still family owned and operated. All of Soumar Masonry Restoration’s employees are skilled with expertise and craftsmanship in masonry restoration for both historical and contemporary buildings.

The main office of Soumar Masonry Restoration is located at 1033 Illinois Rt 83, Elmhurst IL 60126. 

reputable provider of masonry restoration and repair services

Soumar Masonry Restoration’s Areas Of Expertise

The company specializes in 4 main areas of building restoration. These are:

• Commercial restoration
• Historic and residential property restoration
• Industrial restoration
• Multi-unit residential restoration

Offered Exterior Restoration Services

Soumar Masonry Restoration offers various professional brick and stone repair and restoration services. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

• Inspection services
• Brick repairs
• Tuckpointing
• Caulking
• Waterproofing services
• Concrete restoration
• Terra Cotta repairs
• Precast restoration
• Lintel repair and restoration
• Building cleaning
• Epoxy repairs
• Parapet restoration
To learn more about these specialized building repair and restoration services and about the company, visit


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