Thursday, July 2, 2015

HSBC Bank Egypt: Your Partner In Financial And Banking Services

Securing finances is important. By securing your finances, you have also secured your future since you have money to deal with your future needs. Securing finances can also help you have better investment opportunities in case a business owner looks for a shareholder. Finally, it can provide you with better options for your loved ones. Because of this, you need to look for experts who can help you like banking institutions. When looking for a banking institution in Egypt, the best choice is to work with HSBC Bank Egypt.

History of HSBC in the Middle East

HSBC is a leader in financial services in the states and is now referred to as the Gulf Cooperation Council, opening branches in the Middle East from Kuwait, Bahrain, Dubai, Oman and Saudi Arabia.

In 1982, the HSBC Bank Egypt has been established as the Hong Kong Egyptian Bank.

In 2001, the bank has been rebranded as HSBC Bank Egypt after an increase in the HSBC Group’s shareholding from 40% to more than 90% of its issued share capital.

As of now, the HSBC Bank Egypt is one of the largest multinational banks in Egypt, providing a comprehensive range of banking and financial services.

Services of HSBC Bank Egypt

HSBC Bank Egypt offers the best financial services individuals need. Listed below are some of the following.

Current Accounts – This service offers both convenience and flexibility to meet all your basic banking needs.

Savings Certificate – HSBC Savings certificates are available in EGP and offers an opportunity to earn higher interest rates.

Savings Account – By opting for this service, you can accommodate all your banking needs easily and more efficiently.

Time Deposit – Deposit your money for numerous period ranges and enjoy competitive rates.

Payment Services – From Telegraphic transfer, demand draft and cashier’s orders; this service can help you deal with all your payments effectively.

Ways to bank with HSBC Bank Egypt

HSBC Bank Egypt also offers different ways to accomplish banking tasks from personal internet banking, mobile banking, phone banking, ATM service, personal banking representatives and even SMS alert services.

Different types of cards offered by HSBC Bank Egypt

Cards are essential in order to make banking tasks a lot easier. Therefore, HSBC Bank Egypt offers a lot of card options like HSBC Premier Credit Card, HSBC Advance Credit Card, HSBC Platinum Visa Credit Card, HSBC Gold Visa Credit Card, HSBC Classic Visa Credit Card, HSBC MasterCard Credit Card, HSBC Premier Debit Cards, HSBC Advance Platinum Debit Chip Card, HSBC Debit Chip Card, HSBC Business Card and HSBC Corporate Card.

In case that you want to know more about HSBC Bank Egypt, you can visit them at to find the best financial service that can help you.

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