Thursday, July 2, 2015

Al-Futtaim Motors’ Line-Up Of Hino 500 Series Trucks

Leading distributor of Hino trucks in the UAE

Various types of businesses or industries in the UAE rely on trucks for their different requirements. For instance, trucks are staple vehicles used by logistics, moving and delivering firms. They are used in transporting various heavy and lightweight items such as cargoes, appliances, furniture and other personal belongings of persons, families and even business owners.

Delivery, freight forwarding or cargo companies usually use medium-duty trucks for their operations. They are the best and most cost-effective vehicles that can be used for delivering or transporting loads that are not too heavy or light.

Medium-Duty Trucks

Medium-duty trucks have the muscle and axle capacity to hump highway hills and shoulder heavy loads without working up a sweat. This is because they have stronger frames and transaxles, bigger, stronger engines, a wider stance and larger brakes.

Most brands and types of medium-duty trucks are purpose built for an application and an industry. While most light-duty trucks are manufactured as one unit, medium duties start with a cab and chassis and have a specialized body added on by a separate automotive bodybuilding company.

reputable distributor of Hino trucks in the UAE

HINO’s Medium-Duty Trucks

HINO, Japan’s largest manufacture of trucks and buses, has an impressive line-up of medium-duty trucks. These trucks fall under their HINO 500 series.

Their 500 series boasts of evolutionary technology and are widely regarded as performance workhorses.  The J Series engines on the HINO 500 series are based on low-emission, fuel-efficient technologies that HINO is truly proud of. The engine uses a "common rail fuel injection system"-a cooperative engine control system—with the aim of achieving optimum control of the fuel injection process to produce low NOx and PM emissions as well as enhanced fuel efficiency and low CO2 emissions.

The cab style of the HINO 500 series delivers low fuel consumption owing to their strenuous pursuit of aerodynamic performance. The truck’s engine performance and optimized drive train provides a smooth ride that fully uses its excellent acceleration and braking performance even during stop-and-go driving in urban areas. The trucks under the 500 series also provide nimble footwork for getting around turns and negotiating tight spaces.

The HINO 500 series also has better safety features. It provides better environment with features such as switch layout with excellent operability and pedal layout that assists safe driving from the perspective of reducing driver fatigue. The cab is designed to be highly rigid with various collision safety features including a reinforced main frame and door beam. The steering wheel also deforms in the event of collision to absorb the force of the secondary impact when the driver hits the steering wheel. The HINO 500 series was also designed for ease of inspection and maintenance.  All the trucks also offer excellent loading capacity.

Included under the 500 series are:

• FD MDT Chassis 4x2 (11 ton)
• GD MDT Chassis 4x2
• FD MDT Chassis 4x2 (15.2 ton)
• GH MDT Chassis 4x2

Leading distributor of Hino trucks in the UAE

Recognised Dealer Of HINO 500 Series In The UAE

The most prominent dealer of HINO trucks, including the 500 series, in the UAE is Al-Futtaim Motors. This company is part of the Al-Futtaim group of companies, one of UAE’s leading business conglomerates.

Al-Futtaim not only carries the latest and most comprehensive line-up of HINO trucks in the UAE but the company also strives to provide wide-ranging support to their customers. Al-Futtaim Motors offers customers a well-established network of showrooms and service and parts centres all over the UAE.

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