Sunday, July 5, 2015

TS EXPORT: Your One Stop Wholesale Exporting Company From Japan

When it comes to vehicles and other machines, almost all individuals know that Japan offers some of the best choices. This is possible due to their rapid technological advancements. Other than advancements in technology, Japan vehicles and machines are also reliable and cheap.

Therefore, when it comes to business machines and even personal vehicles, opting for Japanese brands is ideal. However, if you leave far from Japan, it is very difficult to come by Japanese machinery. One of the best options you can do is to import a machine or car with the help of reliable exporters like TS EXPORT.

The Facilities of TS EXPORT

TS EXPORT offers the best wholesale exporting services from Japan. The company also offers the best facilities to ensure that vehicles, machines and other equipment are safe and secured. Listed below are some features of their facilities.

Purpose designed workshops – First and foremost, TS EXPORT offers purpose designed workshop for stock preparation and servicing. These workshops are equipped with hoists, air, cutting, aircon gas and fluid handling facilities.

Custom Designed Container Loading Bay – TS EXPORT also has custom designed loading bay for drive in level under cover loading. With this, the company has numerous packing options to ensure safety and efficiency.

Stock Storage buildings and racks – Other than safe loading bays and multifunctional workshops, TS EXPORT also has large high roof steel stock storage building and even Multi-tier steel racking for stock storage.

Biological contaminant removal equipment – To ensure that items are safe and secured, TS EXPORT uses biological contaminant removal equipment to make items cleaner and safer.

Systems exclusively used by TS EXPORT

To provide you with the best selection of vehicles and other machines, TS EXPORT uses exclusive systems for you. Listed below are some of the following.

JP Auction System – This system provides you with 24/7 access to all of Japan’s major wholesale vehicle auctions. Using this system is easy since you can select your preferred interface and specs.

Yahoo! Japan Auction System – This is Japan's largest online auction with over 1 million listings now available in 66 languages.

Goonet System – This system provides you access to dealer vehicles, including those listings normally only available inside Japan and in your choice of language.

Rakuten System - The first and only exporter from Japan to give you access to Japan Government Auctions.

Additional Services of TS EXPORT

To offer you the best service that you are looking for, TS EXPORT also offers other services to ensure that your transaction and machines are safe and secured.

Full Shipping Choice – Individuals can choose from Roll On-Roll Off or containers for your machines.

Online listings – individuals can easily research, compare and buy from millions of online listings 24/7.

Extended hours of customer support - The TS EXPORT CENTRE is staffed 7 days per week, day and night. It is operational 24 hours when necessary to meet shipping schedules.

If you want to know more about TS EXPORT, visit them at to find the ideal vehicle and machine you need.

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